Depot Club Membership

To ensure that the Depot will be a lasting treasure for Harbor Springs and its residents, the Depot Club & Restaurant is a Private Dining Club, dedicated to providing the absolute finest dining experience in Northern Michigan and to helping the local population through the creation of solid, well-paying, reliable jobs.

Offering three distinct levels of membership, the Depot Club & Restaurant invites you to join us as a Founding, Heritage or Seasonal Member. Descriptions and benefits of each membership level is shown below. If you would like additional information about membership, or prefer to speak with a membership director, contact the Depot Club & Restaurant at (231) 242-4233.

Depot Club Restaurant Membership Harbor Springs

Founding Members

I. An authentic scale steam engine engraved with the Founding Member’s family name that will serve as a personal table centerpiece and will be permanently on display inside the Depot Club & Restaurant.

II. A private wine locker engraved with the family name of the Founding Member in polished brass.

III. An invitation to purchase wine at a discounted Club price to be stocked inside the Founding Member’s private wine locker.

IV. The exclusive privilege to reserve the Depot Club & Restaurant’s Hemingway Room for personalized dining experiences.

V. The exclusive privilege to host private events and/or reserve the Main Dining Room, the Hemingway Room, the Patio, or the entire Club at any point during the calendar year.

VI. The privilege to sponsor non-members as guests to the Depot Club & Restaurant when the Founding Member is not present.

VII. The ability to assign, only once, the Founding Membership to a Member’s parent, brother, sister, son or daughter at a cost of 10% of the original membership contribution.


Heritage Membership

I. Recognition for their contribution toward the restoration of the historic Harbor Springs Depot.

II. Complimentary use of the Depot Club & Restaurant’s Hemingway Room for private parties and functions.

III. The privilege to sponsor non-members as guests to the Depot Club & Restaurant when the Heritage Member is present.


2023/2024 Seasonal Memberships

Seasonal Memberships start Tuesday September 12th.

Membership is valid thru the second week of June.

If interested, please email Lori Stark for a reservation. After getting confirmation email back on availability, fill out one page form that evening and pay the 2023/2024 seasonal membership fee of $350.

Reservations a must.

The Depot Club Restaurant

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